Sew Nerdy: Space Pants




I’ve had these amazing Space Pants in my imagination for quite some time, but only needed to find the time to put them together.

Little Bear is space obsessed; and I originally bought this gorgeous galaxy print fabric (from Purpleseamstress Fabrics) in order to make myself these leggings to wear for his space themed birthday party.  But, that was in July and it was about nine thousand degrees out and there were no pants happening for me that day.  It has finally started cooling down here, so I thought it was about time for Space Pants!

The Space Pants leggings were made using the Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs pattern.  {HINT: are you aware that this is a FREE pattern for members of the Patterns for Pirates FB group?}  These leggings go together SO FAST!  I used my serger, {but you don’t need one to make them} and zipped through them.  I was slightly concerned that the seams might pull a bit, showing my stitching, so I decided to use my double needle to top stitch the inseams before joining the legs together.  This is not a complicated task, but it does require some concentration and you can see that my topstitching is not completely straight.  But, you can’t see that when I’m wearing them.  Only when I take a super zoomed in photo of the stitches!

I paired these with a hot pink cotton/lycra (again Purpleseamstress Fabrics) Maid for Mermaids Mama Mya.  I love the cut of this top – it is so flattering!  Slightly fitted at the bust, with a slight a-line flowing shape down to skim over the hips.  Accentuate the positive!  I feel fabulous in my Mama Mya tops.  It would flow better in a rayon spandex, but that isn’t what I had on hand, and I still love the top!  I scooped the neckline on this one, and actually used the Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank neckline and neckband measurements {you can see my Essential Tank dress here and here} so that it was a little lower than the Mama Mya.  I wore this to preschool drop off today – and these photos are at actual drop off!  This gorgeous little spot is outside the preschool; such a beautiful little garden.

This image, without the jacket, gives you a better look at the M4M Mama Mya.  This is the short sleeve, tunic length for this pattern and it is perfect for leggings.

Note the fully covered bum.  If that’s how you wear leggings.  I do, that’s how I’m comfortable, but I’m all for wearing what makes you happy!

Are you in the “leggings as pants” club?  I am!  And unapologetic!  I’m thinking that perhaps “Sew Nerdy” will be a recurring post theme.  Maybe Tuesdays is Sew Nerdy Day?  Keep tuning in to see how I will nerd it up next!

Saving a Project (Make it Work, People)




Recently, in the middle of a pattern test and faced with a looming deadline, my serger ate my homework.  YIKES!  Happily sewing along, and not drinking a glass of wine, and I allowed my project to veer off to the side and slice into a sleeve.  A sleeve of beautiful, beautiful feathers that I’ve been {hoarding} saving for the perfect fall project.  I had to dump the top and move on to new fabric, because, it was a pattern test, that involves completing a project as written, no mods or hacks in the testing process.

But, as mentioned, beautiful, beautiful feathers.  There was no way that my beautiful feathers weren’t going to {finally after 2 years of shelf sitting} make it into my fall wardrobe.

After I finished my pattern test and my tears stopped falling, I picked up aforementioned beautiful feathers and considered ways to save the garment.  Now, I will be the first to admit that I run hot.   H-O-T, hot.  Like temperature hot.  Not, “DAMNNNNN….” hot.  I mean, that too obviously; but I digress.  I don’t often wear an actual long sleeve sweater in the fall.  I typically don’t wear a sweater until probably December at the earliest, maybe January.  But, feathers.

So, I laid the top out and took a look at where the dolman sleeves curve into the body of the sweater and thought it might work best as a shorter sleeve for me anyhow.  So, I carefully measured both sides and used my straight edge and rotary cutter to cut the sleeve off at the same spot on both sides.  I used my tape measure to measure the remaining sleeve circle and took 80% of that number to make a cuff.  (I used 5″ length by that number width.)  I serged together the short ends of the cuff, pressed the resulting circle wrong sides together and then lined up the cuff raw edges with the cut edge of the sleeve of the sweater, pinned evenly and serged on to attach.

What I ended up with was a perfect Seamingly Smitten Women’s Cocoon Cardigan for me to wear in the fall.  And, of course, beautiful, beautiful feathers, from Purpleseamstress Fabrics and {hoarded} saved for this, the perfect fall project for me!



Do you go back and spend time to save projects that made you cry?  Or, do they end up in a bin of sad?  I admit, I don’t always go back to save things that I’ve deemed a “fail,” but with a special fabric, it is hard not to.  What solutions have you come up with to save projects?  I’d love to hear your tips and experiences!