Cozy Clothes, Cool Colors Watcha Wear in January?





Do you struggle as much as I do to get back your “sew-jo” after the Christmas crunch?  The Christmas outfit sewing, the gift making, the wrapping, the photos, all seems to suck the fun out of crafting for me by the time it is all over!  This year, I wanted to get back on the horse right away, so that I could keep up my me-made and mama-made wardrobes!  When, I saw the blog tour hosted by Sewing by Ti, Watcha Wearin’ January, I knew it was the motivation to keep me going!  I guess I’m selfish, because it felt soooo good to sit down and whip up something for little ol’ me!



This week, for my leg of the tour, I wanted to show an example of what I’m working on for the new year.  I am admittedly a stay at home mom, but as such, I’m never actually “staying at home!”  I am very involved in two different PTO groups as well as our church, and on the board for my local MOMS group!  My goal is to be able to look presentable and put together but comfortable enough to NOT rip off my clothes and change into pajamas the moment we walk in the door!  Also, I live in Ohio, so we have some verrrry frigid winter days and some generally just vaguely chilly days.  Case in point – this past Sunday was a high of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, but this coming Thursday is predicted to have a high of 60!


This particular ensemble suits me for the frigid temps, but would work just as well in lighter weight fabrics for the warmer days.   Here – you can see that I’m about to run out the door to pick up my kindergartner at the bus stop!   I’m wearing the Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice Dolman in this fabulous sweater knit from an AMAZING bundle box from Sew Vagabond.  I love wearing cool colors in January, it seems to suit the fresh new year, without being springy.   I just love this soft peachy pink and “winter white” combo!  If I can enable you a little, Sew Vagabond has a daily bundle special on the Sew Vagabond Facebook page, you should check them out.  Though, I feel conflicted about sharing this source and finding competition for the bundles.

My super amazing, soft, SWEATER pants are the Patterns for Pirates Mama Bear Joggers with the roll up hem option.  These joggers are so perfect and comfortable!  I love them with the cuff option as well for a more casual look, but with the roll up hem, and in this sweater fabric, they have a more “trouser” than jogger vibe.  I have never imagined wearing sweater knit pants, but these are soooooo cozy and comfortable!  My sweater knit for these came from the always reliable, always fast and always quality Purpleseamstress Fabrics!

And, I can’t tell you how comfortable and WARM and cozy these pants are!

I can still snuggle with my preschooler on the couch when we get home and not feel constricted or overdressed.  Plus, as always, I’m a huge fan of pockets.  The Mama Bear Jogger pattern is quickly surpassing the Peg Legs leggings pattern as my favorite easy wear, quick sew trousers primarily for the pockets alone!  I chose the slat pocket for this pair, but the pattern also boasts a patch pocket option.

The Watcha Wearin’ January blog tour is HUGE!  Check out all my fellow bloggers this week!  The links are all clickable once the post goes live.

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There are amazing prize packages from the impressive array of sponsors for participating in Watcha Wearin’ January!!  There are two different prize packages.  One, the linky, can be accessed here, at Sewing by Ti – we want to see what everyone is wearing this month, so as long as one handmade item is included, link up, link up, link up!

Link up to the Watcha Wearin’ January Linky Party!

Directions for linking via Facebook!

The Rafflecopter will take you to the other prize package!  AMAZING!  There are a total of 59 patterns and $235 in gift cards on the line peeps!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Will you be sharing #watchawearinjanuary??  Any sewing goals this year?  I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know when you link up so I can check it out!


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    1. Thanks! Both sweater knits are awesome – the pants are crazy soft. But, the knit for the top is sooooo pretty! Emily from Sew Vagabond said it was a designer remnant. I have a tinnnnny bit left. I should try and use it for a raglan or something for my Little Bug.

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