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I’m excited – so excited to participate in the Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates Sew What do I Wear?  Valentine’s Day Edition blog tour!  Each day, different bloggers will feature Patterns for Pirates and Made for Mermaids patterns that will be sure to inspire you for wherever Valentine’s Day takes you!



Do you actually celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I may do something for the kids, but Big Daddy and I rarely do anything.  However, our first date anniversary tends to get celebrated almost annually, the first weekend in March.  So, in honor of Sew What do I Wear?  Valentine’s Day Edition blog tour, I sewed up a celebration worthy dress that I’ll be wearing that first weekend in March!


For our first date, Big Daddy took me to a huge Wine Festival held annually, here in our city; it’s actually a fundraiser.  It was such a fun night, and we go back {almost} every year.  We usually go to the tasting during the day, then out to dinner in the evening.  We typically get a hotel room downtown and sometimes even take a nap between the tasting and dinner.  {It’s a LOT of wine!}  For the tasting, I lean towards something fun and comfortable that allows me to wear comfortable shoes; it’s a lot of walking around a convention center.  Then, after my nap, I get dressed for an upscale restaurant downtown.  This dress will be my dinner dress (check back next week for my more casual outfit).

I LOVE this gorgeous dress!  I chose the Made for Mermaids Mama Joy because I love the dress length, the silhouette and the PLEATS!  They turned out just perfect.  I’ve never done pleats before actually, though I did try to wing it once on my own and it was frankly a disaster.   Megan (Chief Mermaid of Made for Mermaids) includes step by step photo instructions as well as a video to demonstrate the construction, which makes it go so simply and smoothly.

Perfect pleats!  I chose to leave the stitches in the pleat to keep them closed at the top and I really love the look.

The Mama Joy includes so many options!  Obviously you know I’m a bit obsessive about pockets.  What is my deal?  They make me so happy in a skirt, dress, pajama pants; anything I wear!  Well, Mama Joy includes optional inseam pockets, 3 different skirt lengths, 2 different necklines and 3 different sleeve lengths.  It even includes an option for a zipper back!  The peplum length includes a high-low hem.  I think that may be next on my list.  For this dress, I made the low, scooped neckline, 3/4 sleeves, no zip, dress length.  See how many options?!


It looks equally lovely either pouring or sipping.  Which is important in a date dress if you ask me.




Mama Joy is best in a stable knit, to give it structure.  For this, I used a squishy scuba from Sew Vagabond Fabric Shop.  I love the structure scuba knit provides the skirt.  It holds its bell shape nicely while worn and the bodice skims my curves beautifully.  Sew Vagabond Fabric Shop has been such a go-to lately!  Do you guys know that they offer a rewards program?  Winner, winner!

Please be sure to check out all the gorgeous inspiration featured throughout the Sew What do I Wear?  Valentine’s Day Edition blog tour.  You will surely find something to inspire your Valentine’s Day or date night wardrobe!

Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?  Does it include sewing up something new?  Or, are you in the Valentine’s Day is a Fake Holiday Perpetrated by Card Companies and Florists Club?  Either way – make yourself something fun in February!

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    1. Thanks, Katy! I love it! I feel great in it- I have some of that gorgeous lace overlay fabric that I’m planning a Joy peplum with. Sometime – when I can add it to the growing list!

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