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Sewing by Ti’s monthly blog tour theme for February is Date Night February!  Make sure you check out my fellow tour bloggers this month and their amazing date night inspiration!  I have the list at the end of the post – but don’t miss the coupon code before you leave!


As you know, last week, I shared a very pretty, fancy date, date night dress, the Made for Mermaids Mama Joy in the Sew What do I Wear?  Valentine’s Day Edition blog tour.  This week, for the Date Night February Tour hosted by Sewing by Ti, I will be exploring a more casual date night look.  Big Daddy and I are taking advantage of our fitness center’s “Parent’s Night Out” and joining some friends of ours for a fun dinner.   My plan is for this fun, casual night out look to also work for our Grand Tasting during the day for our Wine Festival Date.  You can read more about that if you missed in my post last week, Husband Approved Date Night.



This week, I chose to sew up a Made for Mermaids Mama Claire.  This 2-way dolman can be worn with the cross over on the front or the back – how cool is that?!  I love that the Mama Claire allows me to adjust the hussification level by deciding where I want to stitch the crossover in place.  Since this is a February Date Night top, I went with full hussified!  Though, obviously, I could wear it with a cami underneath to make it more daytime appropriate.  My fabric is this stunning poly knit from Sew Vagabond Fabric Shop.  My motivation was using one of the full medallions as the back – as I will wear the cross-over in the front for this top.  This knit is not a breeze to work with – it’s all poly, so it is slippery – so slippery!  But, I absolutely love the gorgeous drape and smooth hand, it’s perfect for a date night and dresses up the top enough to be dressed up or down.




















Have you ever ordered from the Sew Vagabond Shop?  I have mentioned this lovely shop many times in my posts lately.  Some other Sew Vagabond examples are my Husband Approved Date Night dress, my entire outfit for Dressing Up when Temps are Down, the pink sweater knit for my dolman from Cozy Clothes, Cool Colors and even the navy french terry from my pj shirt featured in On Mondays, We Wear Pajamas.  Emily, Vagabond in Chief, has amazing, beautiful selections, as well as sometimes running pre-sales for some gorgeous new prints.  They even have a great Rewards Program that earns points that translate to money off your future orders!

How can you argue with this stunning fabric?  And I’m SOOO excited to announce that Emily is offering an exclusive coupon code to my awesome Sewingly, Michelle readers!!   15% off all shop fabrics for 3 days only!  Shop, shop, shop and make make make!  Share your makes on my Facebook page if you like -I would LOVE to see them!  (You can follow the button in my sidebar to go to my Sewingly, Michelle Facebook page!)



If you’re like me, you’re going to love all of the inspiration my fellow bloggers have for you. Be sure to check back all February long to see what patterns work for us!

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The coupon code, SEWINGLY15 is good through Sunday night at 11:59 PST!  What, oh what will you buy??


19 Replies to “Date Night February Blog Tour: Double Date!”

  1. Michelle,

    You have such a fantastic self-style❣

    I’m curious about the medallion on the back of this top, is it a separate piece sewn onto the back?

    Keep up the good work! You are fantastic…..😍

    1. Thanks so much Christiann! The medallion is actually just a feature in this spectacular Boho Dreams fabric. The full medallion repeat piece didn’t actually end up anywhere else within the top – but I specifically cut so that it would be centered on the back. The pattern is designed to wear with the crossover in the front or back, but I thought that the medallion would be eye catching on the back. I’ll see if I have a piece of the fabric left with a medallion and post it to instagram if I do.

    1. It does – I am planning my next one to be reversible – that medallion wouldn’t look right on the front, but I love it on the back.

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