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Since I’ve shared with you 2 different Valentine’s Day date night looks for Mama, I thought it was about time my two littlest sweethearts got some spotlight!  I don’t always manage it, but I do really like to make both Littles something fun to wear to school for Valentine’s Day.  Neither of their schools have an actual party, but both do a Valentine exchange and have a special snack.  But, my Bug in particular loves a fun, special occasion outfit.

For Bug, I chose from my stash this heart print argyle knit that I bought from Purpleseamstress Fabrics two years ago to make her something for Valentine’s Day!  But, she kept choosing other fabrics first.  This time, mommy chooses, and we will be using purple argyle hearts!  (Please note her marker covered hand – she is a hard at work artiste!)

She would love a dress, but I thought this peplum length Made for Mermaids Noelle would actually get more wear.  A peplum is a good compromise for us, because it has a skirt she can twirl, but is more practical for wearing to kindergarten than an actual dress.  I intended some black leggings with it, but when I went to make them, it turned out that I was out of black cotton lycra!  How could I have let that HAPPEN?  So, she’s wearing some store bought corduroy jegging type things.  What I like best is that this little outfit is festive enough for Valentine’s Day, but also isn’t a one time wear, she can wear this any day as it isn’t particularly theme-y.  On a side note – can you believe that pose?  That was undirected – she’s the child of a blogger I guess!  And another side note – it kills me that she looks so grown up in this photo.


For Bear, I had a harder time!  He’s very particular and it is harder to make something for him that celebrates a holiday, but is still wearable anytime.  He definitely wanted a special shirt and I sat down with him and showed him some ideas.  He eventually settled on this Valentine Robot from Stitch Away Applique, and selected his fabrics himself.  He wanted a green heart originally, but I didn’t want his robot to be carrying some gangrene heart, so I pointed out some other options and he was excited to choose pink, provided the robot could be green.


In case you were wondering; the above is a “good guy face.”  Bear assures me.  The pattern I chose for him is the Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan.  Like most raglans, it goes together so quickly and is just a nice, basic raglan.  However, for I like the cut of the Jolly Roger Raglan over some others (I mayyyy own three different kids’  raglan patterns) on him; not too baggy and not too tight.  I definitely add length for my tall, skinny boy!  I added about an 1 1/4″ to the hem.  I’m hoping that perhaps we can get Valentine’s Day 2018 out of it also!  He wanted the light gray ribbing for his neckband, but I should have shortened the band.  Because it turned out that I was lazy, I didn’t rip it out and re-do.  He is wearing his pink polo shirt under it (because, as he tells me, “real dudes wear pink) and I’m calling it a sweater!

Check back next week to see the Valentines that they are taking to school!  One food, one non-food!

Are you making any Littles in your life Valentine ensembles?





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