Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe: Week 111





My second week participating in the Sunday Lately Link up with Blogger Tribe!

Fighting:  A seemingly never-ending round of viral coughs and colds.  I think it seems everyone is.  I’ve turned to vitamins to help me battle this round.  So far, at least I have more energy, so I’ll take that.

Relaxing:  The kids’ bedtime a teensy bit this weekend in an effort to spend time with good friends.

Daydreaming:  Spring!  I confess I’m hard to please – I can’t stand the deadly heat of mid-summer, but I’m a sucker for spring and fall.  I think I could live year round in the mid-60s fahrenheit.  I’m tired of the dreary weather, the drab trees, the sad, brown grass, blech!  Bring on spring on!

Delivering:  On my promise to myself to get the kids’ Valentines finished BEFORE the night before Valentine’s Day at dark thirty!  By tomorrow afternoon, they will be completed and ready to go.  Cross my heart and hope to spit!

Amusing:  My husband, with my promise to have the Valentines ready ahead of time.  He has serious doubts.  He’ll just see!

Stick with me this week to see those completed Valentines, as well as some sewing thoughts I’ve cooked up.

Have a relaxing, non-football Sunday!

2 Replies to “Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe: Week 111”

  1. I’m pretty sure someone in our household has had a form of sickness since Christmas Eve. It’s been bad. I blame the weather not being able to make up it’s mind…we go from 30 degrees to 60 in a two day span. It’s killer!

  2. Sickness has been a plague here too! The school district even closed for three days last week, but flu/strep/stomach virus is hanging on. I am a Fall lover! It’s crisp, dry, and pretty.

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