Fun Valentine’s Day Classroom Treats!





Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you all got in on my early Valentine coupon code gift last week.  You will LOVE your Sew Vagabond Shop fabrics!

Today, is LOVE day!  My Littles have been soooo excited to wear their special outfits and give their cute cards to all their friends.  They are very invested this year, because they helped me pick what they were going to pass out to their friends.  My kindergartner, Bug, will not have a party but will have a Valentine exchange and a fun snack and activities.  But, my pre-school buddy, Bear, will have a full party with snacks, games, crafts and of course the traditional valentine exchange.

Since Bear is still in pre-school and still has a small class size, I was able to go a little all-out this year!  I used my embroidery machine and made this adorable in-the-hoop crayon and notebook folders.

This is a machine embroidery file that actually does the entire construction of the folder in the hoop on the embroidery machine.  This one is very basic, and designed for felt or maybe vinyl since the edges are left raw.  The raw edges are what allows it to be a fast, cost-effective project.  The design I used is from Newfound Applique on Etsy, the In The Hoop Crayon Purse with Book Pocket, and I have to say – I was thrilled with my results.  Everything went quickly and smoothly, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  I usually dread work on the embroidery machine – it never seems to go right for me!  But, this was a quick, satisfying project with super cute results.  The only modification I made was to use a loop of 14″ elastic instead of ribbons for a closure.  I felt that would be simpler for preschoolers and their mommies!  I ordered the crayons on Amazon Prime and the notebooks came in a pack of 12 from Sam’s Club.

I made something similar for Bug a few years back but it was much more time consuming as it was all made step by step on a regular sewing machine, but they were adorable and a huge hit among her friends at the time!  I used the Diedelbug Handmade Tiny Artist Crayon Roll pattern; if you have a smaller group, like maybe a small group party favor, they are PERFECT!

I made his card like I have other cards I’ve shared, in Picmonkey.  This one was a little complicated because I was a huge nerd and built the robot step by step from the basic geometric shapes, because I couldn’t find one I liked that would work.  The rest was easy once I finished the robot construction.  You may remember his cute shirt I shared last week – his robot is a match for the one on his shirt!  Yay!

Once I finished the card design, I ordered them from the one hour photo printing option at Walgreen’s and just placed them under the elastic that closes the folders.

Bug LOVES ladybugs – it’s her nickname, so we went with a ladybug theme for her valentines.  Her class does not include a single allergy, so they are allowed to bring any sort of treat they choose.  I went looking for something small and inexpensive since she has a larger class.  I came across these cute little ladybug stickers designed to go on the bottom of Hershey kisses and Sam’s Club had a huge bag of the kisses.  To pack them up, I grabbed a package of little treat bags at Party City.

I made her card using Picmonkey also, of course.  Bug’s was much easier, all the design elements and fonts were right there as part of the Picmonkey app for me to create with.  She helped decide where the ladybugs would go and how many hearts were needed.

The printing at Walgreen’s was cheap – only $0.12 per print with a coupon code since I ordered both kids’ at once.  Once I picked them up, we just quickly stapled them to the front of the treat bags.  Voila!

Hope you all have a fun Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or regular day that you don’t pay attention to because it’s totally annoying!


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