Bear’s “Half-Birthday” Celebration





You may remember my Bug’s recent Half-Birthday Celeberation.  Well, my second summer birthday Little is my Bear – and preschool is no exception to the Half-Birthday phenomenon around here!

I found his a little harder because I prefer to send non-food treats to his class due to some friends with very severe allergies in his class.  I figure the easiest course is to avoid food items at all rather than have nagging fears that I missed something or misunderstood the allergy.  And, I also don’t want to leave anyone out!  That’s no fun!

I wanted whatever I sent to coordinate with his celebratory shirt, and I really wanted a How to Train Your Dragon theme, but Party City wasn’t helping me with that one.  Boo to Party City!  We love Toothless around here.  I finally settled on Paw Patrol, because, well- Party City was able to accommodate me and I had fabric available.  (I don’t particularly care for Paw Patrol – kind of sexist if you ask me!  Why is it so hard to find Skye on anything?)  I found cute little mini Paw Patrol note pads (that included Skye) and Paw Patrol pencils (that also included Skye) and some plain blue treat bags.

Pencils and notepads went into treat bags and they were stapled together with the cute tag I made up in Picmonkey!  Picmonkey is a fun & user friendly site for a beginner, very amateur graphics fan like myself.

And, the celebratory half-birthday shirt!  I made it slightly big, as I typically do for Bear, since he’s a weed at only 4 years old.  I also made it short sleeve even though it is still quite cold and winter here.  I wanted him to be able to wear this into the summer and just had him wear a plain zip up hoodie (open) to school.  (He got too hot anyhow and took the jacket off.  The child is a furnace!)

I used the Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan for him – a fast, easy sew that allowed me to use the very small scrap of fabric I had left of this print.  I ordered this years ago from a custom seller and only ordered 1 yard.  But, using the fabric as only the front and back panels of raglans has allowed me to get 3 shirts out of it.  I hope this one lasts until we are no longer Paw Patrol fans!  The back of this one is the solid royal blue cotton lycra from Purpleseamstress Fabrics, same as the sleeves.

I think his treats and shirt turned out awfully cute and he had a great day wearing the birthday crown at school and being sung to by all his friends!

I had to include this photo, because I just couldn’t resist that face!  Blueberry eyes!  (And, yes, the child is crazy blonde and pale – I feel that perhaps Coppertone should pay for his college considering how much sunscreen we go through!)

I hope this gave you some good ideas for your future birthday or half-birthday celebrations!


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