Netflix and Craft: Warm Winter Crochet





Today, I’m introducing the very first “series” to my blog; Netflix & Craft!  I am a nerdy nerd.  I love Netflix for all the awesome and ridiculous sci fi!  And when I Netflix, I like to have something to do with my hands.  I find that if I don’t, I tend to either fiddle with my phone or snack.  Neither of which is good, healthy or relaxing.  My options vary by season and what my current interest is.  Right now, with it being winter time and cooooold in our family room which happens to have 3 sides to the outdoors, I’ve been crocheting.  But, when spring and summer come, my interest will change and I will have a new Netflix & Craft.  In this series, I’ll be sharing my hand crafting, some tips, maybe a tutorial or pattern and I’ll also be reviewing my current Netflix obsessions!


So, onto my most recent completed Netflix & Craft project.  I mentioned in my last Warm Winter Crochet post that I may tackle a blanket and I did decide to go in that direction.  But, I actually chose a different pattern than the one I was considering.  I went with this Crochet V-stitch Rainbow Blanket from Repeat Crafter Me, but made a few modifications.  First, I obviously chose to go with one color repeat in the color bands.  I liked blue, it’s rather neutral and works for whatever I end up doing with this blanket, and it was what I had enough handy to get a good start.  I also felt the size indicated in the pattern was a little small, it is really intended as a baby blanket, so I did a bit of research and added length to my original chain.  It makes a nice, big blanket that works perfectly for the couch.

My Netflix binge for this project was Continuum.  This show is fantastic!  Time travel, moral dilemma, emotional drama, political intrigue, cool gadgets and did I mention time travel?  The show’s protagonist, Keira Cameron is inadvertently (ish) dragged into an escape plan hatched by terrorists to escape their fate, utilizing fancy time travel technology.  This guy, from Giant Freakin Robot,  has a great review and synopsis of the fabulous show!

Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Continuum

Here are some details on the modifications I made to Repeat Crafter Me’s pattern.  First, I did some research on the V-stitch used in the pattern (How to Crochet Classic DC V-stitch) and found that I needed a chain that was a multiple of 3 plus 7 stitches.  So, Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me had her blanket with a foundation chain of 93, but I didn’t think that would be big enough for what I had in mind.  I did some fancy pants mathematics and settled on a chain of 151.  I think that 142 would have also been nice, but well, I forgot that I was adding a border!  Once I completed the foundation chain, I continued her pattern but just used the blue instead of the rainbow colors she used for her sweet and meaningful blanket.

The yarn I used was from Michael’s – the Loops and Threads Impeccable and I used 4 skeins of the True Gray, 3 skeins of the white and for the blue, I actually used 2 skeins of the Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Colonial Blue.  I started out with what I had on hand and then supplemented as I ran out.

Now, I have to officially decide what to do with this.  I have 4 children, and I have made 2 blankets for 3 of them.  My oldest son – my J. Burroughs, only has one.  So, I have been thinking he would actually really appreciate it.  I also considered donating it.  Perhaps I will give him this one and make another one to donate.

Are you currently binge watching anything?  Do you do find the need to DO something while you watch?  Any other crafting habits besides sewing?

Check back again for more Netflix & Craft-ing!