Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe: Week 110 (but my first!)





Sunday Lately is a weekly link-up hosted by the Blogger Tribe, which is fearlessly led by Angelica (Gardening in High Heels) and Katy (Wild and Wanderful).  We e-hangout every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the past week of life in our own worlds.  Though this feature has been going on for obviously quite some time, this is my first Sunday Lately post and I’m just jumping in!

Procrastinating:  Oh, my, the papers!  I have papers all over the kitchen.  I neeeeeed an organizational plan to corral all the ridiculous papers.  The mail just piles on countertops, the kindergarten and preschool papers are in an overflowing bin, it’s overwhelming and de-motivating!  So, I’m procrastinating doing something about it.  A major paper purge is in order.  Sooooon.  Maybe.  Soon.

Hiding: Well, from the mess!  I busy myself with other things and hide from the task!

Imagining: Shall I continue with the theme?  Imagining a magazine/dropping in neighbors ready kitchen?  Nah – too much!  Big Daddy and I have been discussing some building and reconfiguring in the Sewingly, Michelle studio and I’ve been imagining all the pretty new layout and more functional workspace.

Sharing:  Valentine’s Day inspiration.  I shared some last week, but there is more to come this week for Valentine’s Day inspiration, including a more casual date night look and the Little’s Valentine’s Day looks.

Praising:  My little portable iPhone charger that my husband brought home from a trade show!  How did I survive my life one month ago when I didn’t have this magical gadget?!

Dear Readers, I’d love to know what you are thinking about and are up to this week!  Drop me a line anytime.  Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram by following the buttons at the top of the sidebar ——–>.  Have a gorgeous week and check back in this space, this week, for a new feature – Netflix & Craft(!) and more Valentine’s Day inspiration!

Husband Approved Date Night!





I’m excited – so excited to participate in the Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates Sew What do I Wear?  Valentine’s Day Edition blog tour!  Each day, different bloggers will feature Patterns for Pirates and Made for Mermaids patterns that will be sure to inspire you for wherever Valentine’s Day takes you!



Do you actually celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I may do something for the kids, but Big Daddy and I rarely do anything.  However, our first date anniversary tends to get celebrated almost annually, the first weekend in March.  So, in honor of Sew What do I Wear?  Valentine’s Day Edition blog tour, I sewed up a celebration worthy dress that I’ll be wearing that first weekend in March!


For our first date, Big Daddy took me to a huge Wine Festival held annually, here in our city; it’s actually a fundraiser.  It was such a fun night, and we go back {almost} every year.  We usually go to the tasting during the day, then out to dinner in the evening.  We typically get a hotel room downtown and sometimes even take a nap between the tasting and dinner.  {It’s a LOT of wine!}  For the tasting, I lean towards something fun and comfortable that allows me to wear comfortable shoes; it’s a lot of walking around a convention center.  Then, after my nap, I get dressed for an upscale restaurant downtown.  This dress will be my dinner dress (check back next week for my more casual outfit).

I LOVE this gorgeous dress!  I chose the Made for Mermaids Mama Joy because I love the dress length, the silhouette and the PLEATS!  They turned out just perfect.  I’ve never done pleats before actually, though I did try to wing it once on my own and it was frankly a disaster.   Megan (Chief Mermaid of Made for Mermaids) includes step by step photo instructions as well as a video to demonstrate the construction, which makes it go so simply and smoothly.

Perfect pleats!  I chose to leave the stitches in the pleat to keep them closed at the top and I really love the look.

The Mama Joy includes so many options!  Obviously you know I’m a bit obsessive about pockets.  What is my deal?  They make me so happy in a skirt, dress, pajama pants; anything I wear!  Well, Mama Joy includes optional inseam pockets, 3 different skirt lengths, 2 different necklines and 3 different sleeve lengths.  It even includes an option for a zipper back!  The peplum length includes a high-low hem.  I think that may be next on my list.  For this dress, I made the low, scooped neckline, 3/4 sleeves, no zip, dress length.  See how many options?!


It looks equally lovely either pouring or sipping.  Which is important in a date dress if you ask me.




Mama Joy is best in a stable knit, to give it structure.  For this, I used a squishy scuba from Sew Vagabond Fabric Shop.  I love the structure scuba knit provides the skirt.  It holds its bell shape nicely while worn and the bodice skims my curves beautifully.  Sew Vagabond Fabric Shop has been such a go-to lately!  Do you guys know that they offer a rewards program?  Winner, winner!

Please be sure to check out all the gorgeous inspiration featured throughout the Sew What do I Wear?  Valentine’s Day Edition blog tour.  You will surely find something to inspire your Valentine’s Day or date night wardrobe!

Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?  Does it include sewing up something new?  Or, are you in the Valentine’s Day is a Fake Holiday Perpetrated by Card Companies and Florists Club?  Either way – make yourself something fun in February!

On Mondays, We Wear Pajamas




My third installment in the Watcha Wearin’ January blog tour is all about quiet Mondays.

Mondays are my jam!  I just love Mondays; can that be our secret?  After the weekend, with kids home from school and all the running around that weekends bring, Mondays feel like a relief.  My Little Bear is in pre-school and they don’t have school on Mondays.  So, once Bug is off to school, it is just a day for us to get it together for the rest of the week.  I can get stuff done around the house, sewing projects, snuggle time on the couch; all the good stuff.  And, often, Bear and I spend that day in pajamas!  Unless we leave the house; I’m not a member of the pajamas outside the house club (except Pajama Day at school!), but you do you, is what I always say!

I’ve been desperate for these thick, plushy soft pajama pants for almost a year.  I bought the Robert Kaufman Mammoth Plaid flannel from Raspberry Creek Fabrics (also, check out the Raspberry Creek Facebook Group) last year; too close to the end of winter to get them done.  But the fabric was pre-washed and ready to go on my shelf from the week I got it.  Sometimes, I would stop and pet it and sniff it.  Is that weird?  Surely not.  Isn’t that a thing?

The pattern I used is the Peekaboo Pattern Shop Hit the Hay pajama pants.  I have made six pair of these pajama pants as gifts, but never for myself! Thanks to Watcha Wearin’ January for finally giving me my turn!  {sorry for the blurry photo – I struggled to get these due to lighting issues!}  They are perfect, comfy lounge/pajama pants!  I made them slightly long because I thought I would like them that way, but I think I’m going to hem them an extra inch.  They impede my walking a bit and it gets annoying.

The shirt, a Patterns for Pirates Relaxed Raglan, is made from some nubby french terry from Sew Vagabond Fabric Shop.  SV has had a number of french terry and double brushed poly pre-sales lately, take a look and try to get in on the discounted pre-sale price!

I made the unhemmed, tunic length option of the Relaxed Raglan, annnd I used the off-the-shoulder neckline tutorial featured on the Patterns for Pirates blog and written by the lovely Alex Radu.  I wanted the option to wear this without the pajama pants for a little bit of sassy- as opposed to my standard, old, oversized t-shirt.  I may wear pajama pants during the day on Mondays, but not to sleep in – too hot for me!

This is my final, official post for the Watcha Wearin January? blog tour hosted by Sewing by Ti!  But, I’ll be participating in Ti’s February blog tour as well, so keep an eye out for those posts.  You still have time to enter the drawings for the fabulous Watcha Wearin’ January? prize packages…..

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and link your January makes & wears here at Sewing by Ti


Please check out what my fellow tour bloggers are sharing this week for more inspiration!!

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Do you have “pajama days” at home?  Have you been inspired by all these amazing bloggers this month?  I know I have!

Dressing Up When Temps are Down





Today, as part of the Watcha Wearin’ January blog tour hosted by the amazing Ti, of Sewing by Ti, I’m sharing my makes for dressing up on a
suuuuuper cold day!  Holy moly!  It was c-c-c-c-c-c-old for this photo




I should mention right off- I’m a curly girl and I do love my curls people!

But, I had been sick leading up to this shoot and my curls were feeling less than loved.  I went the straightening route in the interest of time.  My curls
will be back soon – don’t fret.  It’s really me here!


I admit, I always love to dress up – a skirt or dress is my favorite, and I love the chance to go all out.  This gets harder during the winter months for sure!  This day, we were headed out to eat, but I would also wear this for a play, for church, for anytime that I want to be dressed up, but not necessary, “hey, sexy laday” dressed up!

The Made for Mermaids Mama Chloe skirt, shown here in the above the knee length, with two inches added, is so flattering for me.  I love the a-line cut, and the length options included.  Plus – {join the Made for Mermaids Facebook Group for a coupon code}, it’s FREE folks!!  And sews up sooooo lickety split fast!  This one is in a luscious, thick scuba knit that gives it loads of structure.  Plus, being all poly, the scuba tends to be rather warm, which is definitely nice when you are being photographed in 19 degrees Fahrenheit temps!

The top I chose is the Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank with straight straps.  I just love this tank pattern, it is basic enough to wear under a sweater or even blazer, but perfect on it’s own in the summer.  And I’m sure you guys KNOW I’ve made the dress version as well and it is one of my favorite dresses! You can learn alllll about it in my posts here and here if you haven’t seen them already!  The one I made for my winter outfit is in a soft, flowy rayon spandex, which is yes, a pain to work with, but sooooo beautifully worth it in the end!

The sweater, is the Love Notions Canyon Cardigan in the waterfall hem option.  This is the first Love Notions pattern I’ve sewn up and I LOVVVVVE it!  You guys, this pattern is so beautifully written and drafted, so comprehensive and complete, I just feel like you can’t go wrong.  I can’t wait to try my next Love Notions pattern.  I have the Sybil Skirt and the Sloane Sweater that want to be sewn up!  I love the drape of this sweater in this soft, sweet gray and just off-white, or “winter white” as I like to call it.

All of the lucious, soft, gorgeous fabrics featured in this ensemble came from Sew Vagabond Fabric Shop.  Emily, (proprietess) always has gorgeous options and amazing bundle boxes.  Take a look at the various pre-sale options she offers as well for a lower price on juicy, new fabrics!  I styled my look with sweater tights in charcoal gray, and my gray suede wedge heels.

But, earlier in the day, the outfit looked pretttttty cute with boots as well.  Wow, that’s some bright January sunshine!

My fellow tour participants have great stuff to share this week!

The last 2 weeks have been amazing. I can’t wait to see what my fellow bloggers do this week. Be sure to click through to see what we’ve all been up to!

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Now that you’ve seen what I’m #watchawearinjanuary, share what your wearing and link up at Sewing by Ti!  You don’t have to have a blog to join the linky party!  We would all love to see what your wearing in January!  Share some inspiration with others.

Sewing by Ti linky party

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And you don’t have to join the linky party to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!

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Both ways to enter have prize packages from these amazing sponsors!  The prize packages are fabulous!  Don’t miss any opportunity to enter!







Have you entered the linky party or Rafflecopter?  What are your tricks for staying warm when dressing up?  Check back again for my next Watcha Wearin’ January post!


Bug’s “Half-Birthday” Celebration!




I don’t know if you happen to be blessed with summer babies, but all 4 of my babies are summer babies.  Ah, the bliss of pregnancy in 104 degrees F with 80% humidity.  If you too have summer babies and have made it to the school years, then, perhaps you have heard of the “half-birthday.”  The half-birthday is for those poor, unfortunate children whose summer birthday prevents them from being properly feted by their classmates during the school year.

As this was only a minor celebration at school, not some huge, elaborate birthday party, I didn’t do a ton, but I thought it would be fun for her to have something special to wear.  I actually had this tunic cut out and even partially sewn up LAST WINTER, but my machine went a bit on the fritz and went in for a little rest and relaxation in the middle of making it.  When it came back, my interests had moved on — woops, and this little top has been sitting ever since.  It’s obviously quite snug across her chest, but it worked anyhow.

I continue to be surprised by the firm grasp that the movie “Frozen” has on my child.  It’s been 3 years!  It seems as though some of the glow should have worn off by now, but not for my Bug and her friends.  I had always intended leggings from this sweet snowflake fabric to go with the WIP tunic and she was thrilled with the idea of a “snowflake” birthday.  She loved the connection to Frozen, though it wasn’t a “costume-y” outfit.

The outfit is sweet but also comfortable and easy to play in at school.  My favorite kind of ensemble for this active kindergartner!  The tunic is the Peekaboo Pattern Shop Gloria Dress that I just shortened to a tunic length, and the legging pattern is also from Peekaboo Pattern Shop, the Lollipop Leggings.  The wrinkles you see are because I chose a rather large size since my very skinny Bug is quite tall!  Looks like I need to work on the sizing a bit, but they are fine for her to play in and wear to school.   The white cotton lycra is one of the lovely solids from Purpleseamstress Fabric and the snowflakes came from a source that I generally don’t recommend.  Far too slow and poor response times.  I don’t shop there anymore.  {sad face}  I did the embroidery on the skirt and she loves it and received many compliments on it – but I was very unhappy with how it turned out in the end.  It was a beautiful design, but poorly executed by me.  I think I didn’t have the proper stabilization and it came out very puckered and just…not right.  I need a lot of practice with my embroidery machine – it frustrates me every time I use it, so I don’t use it nearly often enough!  The beautiful Swirly Snowflake is a design from G&G Designs and the font is 3/4″ Giggles from Rivermill Embroidery.   I use Embrilliance for my embroidery software and Rivermill fonts are all available in the BX format, which optimizes them for use with the Embrilliance software.

I chose the Celebrate font so that it would tie in with the little treat tags I made.  I designed these in Picmonkey – which I LOVE!  It has enough bells and whistles to keep an amateur like  me happy.  I use it for designing lots of things like this as well as school Valentine cards, graphics for the PTO and to make nice photo collages to send to family.   She loved having her photo on the tag and her friends all thought it was great (according to the sweet teacher).  Getting them printed was simple; I uploaded the design to Walgreen’s photo and arranged to have them printed.  I also had a 30% off coupon, so they were less than $5.00.  In far less than an hour, I was able to skip down the hill less than a mile to snag the tags!

Bug recently discovered Whoopie pies and when asked, immediately requested them for her treat to take to class.  EASY!!  I don’t enjoy baking, my craftiness all tends to hover around the textile arts, so I was thrilled to run to Trader Joe’s and pick up 24 Whoopie pies.  That also led to the silly wording on the treat tags.

The outfit and the treats made Bug feel special all day!  I received an email from the teacher telling me that she was “beaming” when she passed out her treats.  Are your poor children cursed with summer birthdays?  Is the “half-birthday” a phenomenon in your house?  Kate has now requested a snowflake birthday party.  In July!  I’ll let you know this summer if she sticks to her convictions!



Crocheted Hats!




I know my blog is primarily sewing, and even has ‘sewing’ in the name, but one of my favorite winter evening pastimes is crochet.  I especially love blankets and scarves since they tend to keep me warm while I work; typically after the kids go to bed while watching grown-up TV with my husband.  I remember my mom knitting and crocheting all while growing up, though now she almost exclusively knits.  Mom made gorgeous pieces; I specifically remember the baptism gowns and baby sets she made for church auctions.  She taught me to crochet when I was pregnant with my first baby wayyyyyy back in 1991!  Over the years, it is a hobby I have occasionally picked back up on and off, but mostly only in winters.

Though I so enjoy a long project like a blanket, especially when it is cold, I sure  love a hat for the quick project/instant gratification factor!  And it definitely ties in with my Watcha Wearin’ January posts this month.These are some of my projects from when my Littles were, well, littler.

This sweet little number, is the “Happy Halloween Hat,” a free tutorial from the Girl in Air blog.  Obviously, I didn’t use the Halloween theme, and I love how simple and lovely it turned out.  I can’t believe I don’t have a single photo of it on my Bug!




Little Bear, when he had no hair, in his baptism attire.  The blanket underneath him was crocheted by his gorgeous and talented great-grandmother (who is now 101 years young!!!).  The bonnet he wore was crocheted by me.  I can remember trying to crochet and nurse at the same time!  This one is the Blessing Day Bonnet, a tutorial written by Anneliese of The Aesthetic Nest.  It was so perfect for the day.  And, looking over her blog post, I am kicking my 4 years earlier self for not making sure to get a photo of the back of this gorgeous bonnet!  And, by the way, YES, baby boys can wear baby bonnets.  Because they are babies, and baby bonnets are for babies.  His one piece sweater outfit was store bought, because he was too big to fit into the baptism gown his cousins, and Daddy, and uncles and aunt and Nani and great-aunt’s all wore!

More recently, the Littles have been wearing some fun stuff.  Like this dragon spikes hat that Bear favors.

For the body of the hat, I used the basic hat pattern (this link is to the turkey hat, but the turkey is built on the basic hat pattern) from Repeat Crafter Me, and I added the spikes.  I can’t remember what pattern I used for the spikes, but this one, Rawr!  Dinosaur Spikes Hat from Two Hearts Crochet looks very similar.

He thinks he’s pretty tough in this one.  What a big 4 year old tough guy he is!

Bug loves this one, with the heart on the bow.  She looks sweet and so posh in it!

For hers, I used a pattern I’ve had for years, from a blog that is no longer updated, but it looks like, luckily for us, the pattern is still hanging around waiting for your little girls’ head!   The Pretty as a Package hat from the Petite Purls blog.  I added the heart from this Crochet Heart Garland (using a smaller hook) and just stitched it on with a tapestry needle.

She loves it with her fancy coat with the puffy sleeves.

Tonight, and hopefully this weekend if I can find the time, I hope to work on this, the Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America Foundation, on B.Hooked Crochet!  I don’t believe I will have enough time to finish it before the deadline, but I may still tackle this beautiful blanket to donate on my own.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Do you indulge in any crafting or stitching beyond sewing?  What are your favorites?






Cozy Clothes, Cool Colors Watcha Wear in January?





Do you struggle as much as I do to get back your “sew-jo” after the Christmas crunch?  The Christmas outfit sewing, the gift making, the wrapping, the photos, all seems to suck the fun out of crafting for me by the time it is all over!  This year, I wanted to get back on the horse right away, so that I could keep up my me-made and mama-made wardrobes!  When, I saw the blog tour hosted by Sewing by Ti, Watcha Wearin’ January, I knew it was the motivation to keep me going!  I guess I’m selfish, because it felt soooo good to sit down and whip up something for little ol’ me!



This week, for my leg of the tour, I wanted to show an example of what I’m working on for the new year.  I am admittedly a stay at home mom, but as such, I’m never actually “staying at home!”  I am very involved in two different PTO groups as well as our church, and on the board for my local MOMS group!  My goal is to be able to look presentable and put together but comfortable enough to NOT rip off my clothes and change into pajamas the moment we walk in the door!  Also, I live in Ohio, so we have some verrrry frigid winter days and some generally just vaguely chilly days.  Case in point – this past Sunday was a high of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, but this coming Thursday is predicted to have a high of 60!


This particular ensemble suits me for the frigid temps, but would work just as well in lighter weight fabrics for the warmer days.   Here – you can see that I’m about to run out the door to pick up my kindergartner at the bus stop!   I’m wearing the Patterns for Pirates Pumpkin Spice Dolman in this fabulous sweater knit from an AMAZING bundle box from Sew Vagabond.  I love wearing cool colors in January, it seems to suit the fresh new year, without being springy.   I just love this soft peachy pink and “winter white” combo!  If I can enable you a little, Sew Vagabond has a daily bundle special on the Sew Vagabond Facebook page, you should check them out.  Though, I feel conflicted about sharing this source and finding competition for the bundles.

My super amazing, soft, SWEATER pants are the Patterns for Pirates Mama Bear Joggers with the roll up hem option.  These joggers are so perfect and comfortable!  I love them with the cuff option as well for a more casual look, but with the roll up hem, and in this sweater fabric, they have a more “trouser” than jogger vibe.  I have never imagined wearing sweater knit pants, but these are soooooo cozy and comfortable!  My sweater knit for these came from the always reliable, always fast and always quality Purpleseamstress Fabrics!

And, I can’t tell you how comfortable and WARM and cozy these pants are!

I can still snuggle with my preschooler on the couch when we get home and not feel constricted or overdressed.  Plus, as always, I’m a huge fan of pockets.  The Mama Bear Jogger pattern is quickly surpassing the Peg Legs leggings pattern as my favorite easy wear, quick sew trousers primarily for the pockets alone!  I chose the slat pocket for this pair, but the pattern also boasts a patch pocket option.

The Watcha Wearin’ January blog tour is HUGE!  Check out all my fellow bloggers this week!  The links are all clickable once the post goes live.

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There are amazing prize packages from the impressive array of sponsors for participating in Watcha Wearin’ January!!  There are two different prize packages.  One, the linky, can be accessed here, at Sewing by Ti – we want to see what everyone is wearing this month, so as long as one handmade item is included, link up, link up, link up!

Link up to the Watcha Wearin’ January Linky Party!

Directions for linking via Facebook!

The Rafflecopter will take you to the other prize package!  AMAZING!  There are a total of 59 patterns and $235 in gift cards on the line peeps!

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Will you be sharing #watchawearinjanuary??  Any sewing goals this year?  I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know when you link up so I can check it out!


Dream Catcher Nightgown: every little girls favorite nightgown!




Recently, I was thrilled to test a brand new Dream Catcher Girls’ Nightgown from Seamingly Smitten.  My little Bug would live in nightgowns if she could!  They are her FAVORITE (by far) thing to wear.  Bug loves dramatic play and has a chest full of costumes – princesses, superheroes, careers, well, too many to list.  But, I think she feels that a nightgown can be anything she imagines.  She can wear a nightgown and pretend it is a gown, which provides a whole range of costumes!  Plus, they are soft and “cozy-” her words!

Now, doesn’t that look coooooozy!?  (She calls this her “cozy spot.”  Luckily for me, the cozy spot had good lighting!)  Little Bug happened to have a Pajama Day at school, right in the middle of testing; so serendipitous!  I have been holding on to this super soft flannel with the intention of making a nightgown but hadn’t gotten around to it.  The children playing and alphabet motif seemed perfect to me for Pajama Day!  I ordered this from the fabulous Kim, at Fabric Outlet on Facebook, from one of her fabulous Thrifty Thursday sales.  If you are interested in quilting wovens and woven apparel fabrics – Kim is my go-to gal!

Bug’s favorite part is the ruffle!  It is nice and full and fluffy!

It drapes so nicely and she walks funny when she wears it so she can kick it and make it fly whenever she walks!  I love how easy the assembly was!  The pattern has 3 different sleeve lengths and 3 different sleeve finishes.  I used an elastic gathered ruffle finish for my sleeves and chose the long sleeve length.  I think if I were doing a “summery” version, I’d probably use a lightweight cotton voile or eyelet with the short sleeve option.  I finished my neckband with fold over elastic – quick & easy, and the recommended finish in the pattern!  But, also included are instructions for a simple hem at the neckband.

This poor Bug has been sick with an ear infection and I’ve had to make sure this was clean and ready to wear multiple times over the past week because she says it is her “coziest!”  She was a trooper for photos – not too many natural smiles, but she was happy to sit and read her Fancy Nancy book while I snapped photos.  Ah, the life of a sewing blogger’s child.

Order your pattern today!  Seamingly Smitten Dream Catcher Girls’ Nightgown; order today and use code “SWEETDREAMS” to get 10% off your entire order!   Discount is only good for 48 hours, so hurry and get yours before the time is up!  I also made a pretty Christmas version that I will be sharing in another post.  Will you sew a winter or summer version of this sweet nightgown?  Or maybe a pretty Christmas morning option?

Sew Nerdy: Space Pants




I’ve had these amazing Space Pants in my imagination for quite some time, but only needed to find the time to put them together.

Little Bear is space obsessed; and I originally bought this gorgeous galaxy print fabric (from Purpleseamstress Fabrics) in order to make myself these leggings to wear for his space themed birthday party.  But, that was in July and it was about nine thousand degrees out and there were no pants happening for me that day.  It has finally started cooling down here, so I thought it was about time for Space Pants!

The Space Pants leggings were made using the Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs pattern.  {HINT: are you aware that this is a FREE pattern for members of the Patterns for Pirates FB group?}  These leggings go together SO FAST!  I used my serger, {but you don’t need one to make them} and zipped through them.  I was slightly concerned that the seams might pull a bit, showing my stitching, so I decided to use my double needle to top stitch the inseams before joining the legs together.  This is not a complicated task, but it does require some concentration and you can see that my topstitching is not completely straight.  But, you can’t see that when I’m wearing them.  Only when I take a super zoomed in photo of the stitches!

I paired these with a hot pink cotton/lycra (again Purpleseamstress Fabrics) Maid for Mermaids Mama Mya.  I love the cut of this top – it is so flattering!  Slightly fitted at the bust, with a slight a-line flowing shape down to skim over the hips.  Accentuate the positive!  I feel fabulous in my Mama Mya tops.  It would flow better in a rayon spandex, but that isn’t what I had on hand, and I still love the top!  I scooped the neckline on this one, and actually used the Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank neckline and neckband measurements {you can see my Essential Tank dress here and here} so that it was a little lower than the Mama Mya.  I wore this to preschool drop off today – and these photos are at actual drop off!  This gorgeous little spot is outside the preschool; such a beautiful little garden.

This image, without the jacket, gives you a better look at the M4M Mama Mya.  This is the short sleeve, tunic length for this pattern and it is perfect for leggings.

Note the fully covered bum.  If that’s how you wear leggings.  I do, that’s how I’m comfortable, but I’m all for wearing what makes you happy!

Are you in the “leggings as pants” club?  I am!  And unapologetic!  I’m thinking that perhaps “Sew Nerdy” will be a recurring post theme.  Maybe Tuesdays is Sew Nerdy Day?  Keep tuning in to see how I will nerd it up next!